Impact Basketball Player Development Program

It’s Your Chance To Put 20+ Years of Elite Basketball Training To Use In Your Program, Game & Career

Since 1997, Joe Abunassar has been making players and coaches just like YOU better. As the basketball world’s foremost expert in basketball skill development and physical conditioning, Joe has the knowledge and experience to share with you in order to take your team’s and your own development to an elite level.

  • You’ll get the essential components and basics of the game that apply at every level. 
  • You’ll elevate your team’s or your own strength and conditioning thanks to proven Performance Exercises and drills – all specific to basketball players. 
  • You’ll obtain nutrition, recovery and mental preparation advice that leverage your results.

This program includes the drills, details and techniques with explanations of their significance that Joe uses with the stars and coaches of the NBA, NCAA and International basketball leagues that hire him on a regular basis. Fact is, Joe is on top of their speed dial list. But, he didn’t build this program for them.

He made it for YOU – a professional, college, high school, club or recreational basketball coach or player looking to improve and elevate the level of your player development both on the court and in the weight room.  This year-round curriculum packages up the knowledge, experience and wisdom Joe and his Impact Basketball staff have accumulated working with the elite basketball greats for 20 years and delivers it right to your desktop, tablet and phone for your immediate improvement.

This program will change the way you approach player development for your team, your clients, or yourself. 


Want To Learn More? First, Tell Us Who You Are?


I’m A Professional Coach or Trainer

Learn how to improve your program, build a winning tradition and advance your coaching career at the Professional, College or High School level.

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I’m A Player, Youth Coach or Parent

Leverage the power of the world’s top training program to get more from your practice time, get more minutes, and develop your game.

See what some players and coaches you know have to say about Joe and Impact. 

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