Coaching Resource: Kevin Eastman Coaching Nuggets

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  • Don’t just network, build relationships
  • 1 full year of giving before you ask a favor of someone
  • Ends all his correspondence with “if you ever need anything from me don’t hesitate to ask and I will do everything I can to help”
  • Read 2 hours every day, no matter what
  • Opportunity is everywhere, its just that you are not
  • “Must have knowledge of the old school, antennas up for the new school, and the ability to blend the 2 together”
  • Your advantage comes from your growth, your growth comes from learning, learning comes from your antennas
  • Its not what you know, its what you bring
  • Cant motivate all the time, must find ways to inspire them as well
  • Fools Gold Transition Defense
    • Team gets back but not set
      • Set means in stance, below the ball, seeing man
    • If 1 man back it’s a dunk
    • 2 men back it’s a layup
    • 3 men back it’s a contested 2
    • 4 men back = game on
  • 11 Tenets of transition defense
    • The raise of the shot starts our transition defense – 1,2,3 get back unless they are in the key
    • First 3 steps must be sprint steps
    • Get below the ball as fast as you can
    • No buddy running
    • Get to shrink (help) spots quick as you can
    • Make the offense throw at least 2 passes
    • You are not guarding a man, you are guarding their team
    • Need communication in 2 ways – with voice and with finger
    • Must take away the early strike – first 6 seconds
    • Find and COVER shooters
    • In order to work you must have a transition mindset
  • 8 Must haves in your transition defense
    • Sprint back to be back – no jogging
    • Dominate first 6 seconds
    • 2 passes fine, 3 passes will win the possession
    • Guard theirs, not just ours
    • About the team, not the match up
    • Losing teams use voices, winning teams use fingers
  • 5 things must eliminate in transition defense
    • Players complaining to official
    • Player missing shot
    • Celebrating shot
    • Instincts go to the glass – coaching philosophy
    • Gambles and misses
  • Ideal Possession
    • No penetration
    • No shot off pass from penetration
    • No shot off first 3 passes
  • Consecutive stops – 2 in row
  • Multiple stops – 3 in row
  • 7 must haves
    • Communication
      • Intimidates
      • Gives head start
      • Gives man on ball more confidence
      • Wakes up a disengaged defender
      • Catch mistake before it happens
      • Energizes your team
    • Trust
      • Teams that don’t trust foul more
    • Positioning, awareness, alertness
    • All about multiple efforts
    • Resolve
    • Communication system
      • Early, Loud, Continuous
    • Adjustment System
  • Trust on D is never having to turn around
  • Best coaches have the answers before the players ask the questions
  • Adjustment philosophy
    • 1x do it harder
    • 2x do it better
    • 3x take out game
    • 4x change coverage
  • Truism – doesn’t matter what D you want to play, just matters if you’ll commit enough to make it work
  • 5 things must do to win on the road
    • must defend
    • must take away transition baskets
    • must rebound – especially defensive end
    • must have defensive resolve
    • must eliminate turnovers
  • Must have passion to succeed, but knowledge and skills must catch up with passion
  • 4 game-changers
    • 50/50 game – want to win 70% of these
    • Win the first to the floor game
    • Win the take charge game – 1 per quarter
    • Deflections – 6 per quarter
  • Games are won strong-side, championships are won weak side
  • If I were blind?? What would you hear in our practice
  • Shoulders game
  • Win last step
  • Know No’s
    • No middle
    • No layups
    • No uncontested shots
    • No ball watching
    • No buddy running
  • Mismatches don’t beat you, open shots do
  • Ball hits paint, we hit body
  • Fouling negates hustle
  • Sprint to help. Sprint to rotations
  • Crowd shooters, cushion drivers
  • Fight instincts late in game, stick to basics
  • Pressure ball, shrink behind ball

LINK: Kevin Eastman Coaching Nuggets

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