5 Ways to be a Great Teammate

Kyle Ohman, Basketball HQ (http://basketballhq.com/5-ways-to-be-a-great-teammate)


  • We Over Me
    • Understand that the team comes first and must be put above any personal goals.
    • Be willing to sacrifice personal achievements for the teams success, if needed.
      • In most cases the teams success also raises your individual success. People like to follow winning teams.
  • Bring it Everyday
    • Have a great attitude even when you are tired, frustrated, etc.
    • Encourage teammates to have a great attitude.
      • Must speak to them in the right way.



  • No Plays Off
    • Give your best effort in practice, conditioning, the weight room, and any other team activity.
    • Play your hardest regardless of whether you feel like it or not.
    • Teammates are always watching what you do.
      • You are always a leader, one way or the other.
  • Off the Court
    • Do your best in everything that you do.
      • Classroom
      • Film
      • Scouting Report
      • Studying
    • Your best effort shouldn’t just be limited to basketball.



  • On the Floor
    • Know the offense, defense, and any scouting report changes.
      • Be able to communicate with your teammates and help them better understand these areas as well.
    • Understand time and score, what the coach wants, game flow, and all the other details of each individual game.
  • On the Bench
    • Be equally engaged and communicate with teammates on the court.
      • Echo play calls.
      • Communicate to defense:
        • Cutters
        • Screens
        • Scouting Report
        • Type of Defense
    • Celebrate team success.
      • Bring energy from the bench.
    • Don’t isolate on the end of the bench.
    • Talk to coaches to better understand what they are looking for from you.
      • Shows coaches that you are invested in the game.



  • Buy Into Your Role
    • Whether it the leading scorer, defensive specialist, etc. you need to master your role.
    • It is all about being the best you can be at YOUR job.
  • Improving Your Role
    • Always be working hard on your own to increase your role on the team.
      • This needs to be done with extra work before and after practice.
    • Be ready when the time comes to showcase your hard work.
      • This may be more minutes, more shots, etc. Whatever it is, be ready to go when you are called upon.



  • Lead by Example
    • Be the first in and the last out of every practice, workout, meeting, etc.
    • Give your best effort in everything that you do.
  • Invest in Teammates
    • Bring teammates to the gym with you to workout.
    • Hold teammates accountable in practice and games (speaks to them in the right way).
      • Must earn the right to do this by being consistent (goes back to daily attitude and effort).
    • Celebrate another teammate’s success.
  • Knowledge
    • Help teammates better understand plays, defense, strategy, etc.
      • To do this, you must be willing to put in the extra time to make sure that you understand team strategy at a high level.

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