Manzer Basketball Academy

In this day and age, you can find a Skills Trainer/Developer on almost any block in the neighborhood. It has gotten to the point that if you have a camera, a basketball, maybe some cones or tennis balls, and someone to workout, you’re now an “elite” skills trainer.

Most of the time, the “fakes” fade out. But from time to time, I run into the gym and see a guy pelting tennis balls at some kid and think, “This guy is literally stealing money from this person…”.

Well, had the opportunity to meet Colin Stevens, Founder and Lead Trainer of Manzer Basketball Academy, at a Big Shots event. In our initial conversation, it was evident that Stevens wasn’t one of those guys. He exudes enthusiasm and passion when working with players, regardless of talent or skill level. I’ve been going through his basketball training videos and stolen a ton of stuff in the player development realm. Hey… Good artists copy, great artists steal!

Stevens told me he founded Manzer Basketball Academy about 8 years ago to bring a year round training regiment to the Myrtle Beach basketball scene, noting that there was a drastic need. He does a tremendous job involving basketball skills and using drills that are “game specific”.


For more information on Manzer Basketball Academy, please follow the link: Manzer Basketball Academy

To check out some of Colin’s training videos, take a look at his YouTube Channel: Basketball Training

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