Passion & Enthusiasm, Ray Lewis

This video will get you ready to attack the day. Imagine… What if we all approached the day, task at hand, or whatever life may hit of with, with this type of passion and enthusiasm?

“It’s a vision. And that’s the thing, get everybody seeing that same vision. And if you do, that’s rough… Rough beating men who see something.”

“What matters about me is sacrificing for you. For the ultimate goal which is us.”

“That man over there telling me he going to whoop me… I doubt that. Everything I got, I’m willing to sacrifice to beat whoever is talking about they going to whoop me.”

“It’s not about the wins or the losses, it’s about the opportunity.”

If you need more Ray Lewis juice… Watch these…

Stanford Men’s Basketball Speech

“If tomorrow wasn’t promised, what would you give for today? Forget everything else. Forget everything else. Forget that there was any sunlight left. What would you spend today thinking about. Yourself? Or the man that’s beside you? Or the man that you know you’d give everything in your heart for?

We get one opportunity in life. One chance in life to do whatever you’re gonna do. To lay your foundation. To make whatever mark you’re gonna make. Whatever legacy you’re gonna leave. Leave your legacy. And it’s found through effort.

Wins and losses come a dime a dozen. But effort? Nobody can judge effort. Effort is between you and you. Effort ain’t got nothing to do with nobody else. So that team that think they ready to see you? They think what they seen on film. They ain’t saw what film shows. Because every day is a new day. Every moment is a new moment.

So now you got to go out and show them that I’m a different creature now than I was five minutes ago. Cause I’m pissed off for greatness.”

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