Falcon’s Change Locker Room To Help Change Culture

Vaughn McClure, ESPN (http://espn.go.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/20070/locker-room-facelift-part-of-falcons-bonding-efforts)

On the second day of the offseason program, it seemed like the topic the Atlanta Falcons enjoyed talking about the most was the revamped locker room.


Matt Ryan discussed the switch.

“You’ll see it. It’s set up completely different, so the old way it was set up just doesn’t make sense now,” Ryan said. “I kind of like it. It kind of mixes everybody together. We’ve got offense-defense; old guys-young guys. It’s kind of random, but I like it.”

Wide receiver Julio Jones, who used to be next to Eric Weems and cross from Roddy White, who is now a free agent, now has running back Devonta Freeman next to him.

“I’m on the corner, so it’s just [Freeman] really,” Jones said. “He talks a lot. But it’s good. He asks a lot of questions, as he should. He’s still a young guy. But just moving forward, he’s going to be great. As you see last year, the potential is there. He still wants to learn.

“But I like the layout. It’s very open. And [for] guys, it’s convenient. It’s not like, ‘All right, the linemen are over here, the quarterbacks here and the receivers here.’ It’s just mixed up. Defense, offense is kind of mixed up as well. So, just the bond. We’re trying to connect here. This year is to connect more.”

Linebacker Sean Weatherspoon, who was re-signed after a one-year hiatus in Arizona, got his No. 56 jersey back and is next to safety Damian Parms (No. 40) and tight end D.J. Tialavea (No. 86).

“I think the setup allows us to get to know each other better,” Weatherspoon said. “It’s more of an open area, so that’s cool.”

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