Wofford Assoc. Head Coach Dustin Kerns – “My Study (Reading) Hall”

Dustin Kerns, National Coaches’ Diary (http://collegechalktalk.com/2014/03/06/wofford-assoc-head-coach-dustin-kerns-my-study-reading-hall/)

As coaches and in our profession, there is truly always something to do.  There is always a call to make, note to write, film to watch, and etc.  I am an avid reader and find it challenging to make time to read during the season.  Reading is relaxing and stimulates my mind as I enjoy thinking about new ideas, philosophies, and thoughts that can possibly help our program or develop myself as a coach.

Players have mandatory study hall, but as a coach I use the bus or plane as my mandatory “reading” hall.  I savor the opportunity to favorite articles on twitter and then before a road trip print off those articles for reading on the bus or plane.  My favorite topics are any type of leadership and coaching perspective, team building, fatherhood, and obviously any basketball related columns.  Generally, I will have between 15-20 articles for the trip and I highlight ideas and thoughts as I keep a stack of all the packets in a drawer in my office.  For example, my last packet consisted of articles on Pete Carroll, Buzz Williams, Jerry West, Rick Barnes, Bill Belichick, and a few others on leadership and teamwork.

In addition, I always have at least two books in my bag that I go back and forth between as well.  Some of my favorite books I have read over the years I would like to share:

THE SCORE TAKES CARE OF ITSELF by Bill Walsh: Tremendous detailed insight on how to lead an organization and be effective at it.  This book is literally a tutorial on leadership, but specifically sports leadership and developing a competitive working environment.

DALY WISDOM by Pat Williams:  Quick read about Chuck Daly and goes into detail about his famous “Chuckisms”.  Insightful basketball lessons and what made Chuck Daly such a “players” coach, but also a winning coach.

COMPETITVE LEADERSHIP by Brian Billick: Similar to Bill Walsh’s book, very detailed on creating a culture and building a team based on leadership behaviors.  As a leader of any walk of life, this book illustrates traits that develop principles.

NO EXCUSES by Kyle Maynard: This is a book that will touch your heart, pump you up, give you courage, and inspire you to reach your dreams all wrapped up in one book.  An inspirational story that will change gives perspective on life amongst others.

THE RARE FIND: by George Anders:  Interesting read on “spotting exceptional talent before anyone else” and really makes you think about the evaluation and recruiting process. This book gives a different outlook on exceptional talent traits that make people different from others.

I would like to give special thanks to Chris DiSano and his staff for their hard work and dedication to providing college basketball fans with a different perspective and insight to the game.

In hoops,

Dustin Kerns

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