Coach Resource: San Antonio Spurs

Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo Sports (–evolution-includes-same-brilliant-level-of-dominance-231013698.html)

David West pinches his index finger and thumb together, leaving the slightest sliver of space between them. Small, he’s telling you. The smallest he’s ever been handed in basketball.

“The scouting reports are like this,” West told Yahoo Sports.

San Antonio did its work in the summer, and its core unit, 35-6 start to the season, understands there’s nothing outside the room – not a coaching drama, not a deal, not a far superior team – that deserves its attention.

“One of the biggest adjustments for me has been the lack of focus on other teams,” West told Yahoo Sports. “It’s all about this group, and what we’re doing every day. Maybe we spend three minutes on who we’re playing that night. … We watch a few clips. Here, you just realize that it’s not really about anybody but us.”

“Everything is well thought out,” West told Yahoo Sports. “There’s a strategy. There’s no happenstance. Everything is done with a purpose. There’s an ideology that exists here. You just trust it. Whether it’s a good win, a tough loss, you just understand there’s a method to everything. There are nights where Tim is going to sit. Manu is going to sit. Maybe we don’t see it right then, but you realize it was the right thing to do. A couple days after, guys are fresh.

“You just maintain the steady, fresh climb upward.”

“The fact is, the history is there,” West told Yahoo Sports. “You’re not going to question it. You’ve got guys like Tim, who is basically a coach. You’ve got Manu, who is basically a coach. Tony is basically a coach. They know this stuff. They know this system. They know Pop. We lean on those guys first. Then we just look to them for direction.

“They’re not complaining. If Tim doesn’t get the ball, he doesn’t say anything. Some nights, Manu may be the distributor. Tony may be the distributor. If those guys accept it, you’ve got no choice. You just understand: That’s the way it works.”

And works. And works. And works. All these years, all these incarnations and, yes, this franchise has evolved. Yet the Spurs’ way is unchanged.

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