Coachability – Everett Golson

Bruce Feldman, Fox Sports (

Making all that even more impressive is the fact that Golson didn’t even have spring football practices to get acclimated to his new teammates or the FSU offense. Even more impressively, he’s shining despite playing with one of the youngest offensive casts in the country. The ‘Noles start seven freshmen or sophomores on offense (and eight more are listed behind the starters on the second string), and he’s the guy being counted on to replace the big shoes of Jameis Winston.

I asked FSU coach Jimbo Fisher what has impressed him most about his new quarterback’s transition.

“He’s allowing himself to be coached,” Fisher said. “We’re coaching him hard and tough in the way we want things done here in the offense. He keeps making little improvements each week.”

“I don’t ever say, ‘Take care of the ball.’ I say, ‘Be smart with the ball.’ I want him to be smart and be aggressive,” Fisher told FOX Sports this week. “If you say, ‘Take care of it,’ then he won’t make any plays. We want to be aggressive and we want to be smart. Make good decisions. Understand the situations of games, of down-and-distance, how to play field positions, understand what you’re trying to accomplish with each call.

“People say, ‘Don’t fumble,’ then you fumble. You can’t play that way. You can’t play trying NOT to make mistakes. You’ve got to be aggressive, but you’ve got to be intelligent.”


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